Top 10 Reasons for Businesses to Outsource Payroll Administration

Top 10 Reasons for Businesses to Outsource Payroll Admin_Thailand

Most business consultants agree that outsourcing non-core functions – which refer to essential business tasks that don’t bring a profit – is a smart idea. Payroll administration is one of the first business operation processes you should outsource. To help you understand why we’ve detailed the top ten benefits of payroll outsourcing below.


1. Save time and focus more on your core business

Payroll processing in-house requires a significant investment in labor hours and effort. You need to keep track of benefit deductions, taxation, timely wage payments, garnishments, new hires, paid holidays, terminations and more. Think about how much extra time you’d have to concentrate on your core business if you outsourced payroll administration.


2. Mitigate the risk of being penalized for non-compliance

Many small business owners are unfamiliar with Thailand’s complex taxation laws. Nevertheless, they can be held responsible for inaccurate reporting, misrepresentation and missed deadlines. Failure to comply with tax regulations can lead to audits and financial penalties, but you can avoid such situations by outsourcing payroll tasks to a dedicated payroll service.


3. Eliminate payroll processing errors

Minor errors can lead to severe problems. Third-party payroll service providers employ qualified and highly experienced professionals who check their work meticulously using advanced software solutions that SMEs lack the resources to use, minimizing the risk of processing errors that could cost your business time and money.


4. Enhance Data Security

How much would the loss of sensitive payroll data cost your business? Identify theft, tampering with records and embezzlement are risks that every company faces. Additionally, because in-house payroll involves departments including IT, HR and more, internal data leak can cause big issues for companies. For example, IT employees may be able to access restricted data, such as staff salaries.

Experienced providers offer redundant data backup systems in multiple server locations and invest in the most sophisticated software to store and protect data, providing a ‘safe haven’ for your sensitive information.


5. Simplify business growth

As your company grows, your payroll duties become increasingly demanding. Handle the task in-house, and you’ll need to expand your payroll administration department and commit to full-time wages and more fixed overheads. Outsource payroll, and you can upsize and downsize as and when required, mitigating the financial risks to your business.


6. Reduce your overheads

If you’re an SME or even a large corporation, there’s a high chance you can save money by outsourcing payroll. First, you’ll save countless labor hours that can be used for more customer and profit-oriented tasks. You also reduce the risk of being penalized for non-compliance and eliminate the need to employ, manage and develop an in-house payroll department. You’d be surprised by how much outsourcing can save you.


7. Gain access to a variety of services

In addition to standard tax calculation and payroll administration, some third-party payroll providers offer value-added services including contractor services, access to health benefits, labor law compliance, compensation payments, and virtual assistant many of which are beyond the scope of an accountant.


8. Gain more control over your expenses

By outsourcing payroll to a third-party provider instead of managing an in-house team, you can transform fixed overhead costs into a variable cost structure, giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease your expenses during economic upturns and downturns. There’s no need to commit to hefty wages and benefits if the cost isn’t warranted.


9. Don’t risk losing in-house expertise

What happens if your payroll wizard falls ill, goes on an extended holiday or takes another job? You’ll lose your in-house expertise and be required to bring a new employee up to scratch, which would cost a lot of time and money. Outsource payroll administration to a dedicated service provider, and you’ll always retain the knowledge of trained professionals who know the ins and outs of your business and state regulations. It’s part of the guaranteed service they provide.


10. Make payroll processing stress-free

Above all, you don’t need to juggle any more tasks than necessary when starting or running a business in Thailand if you outsource payroll administration. You can reduce your costs, save time, mitigate risks, manage your expenses and harness the expertise of seasoned payroll professionals – outsourcing payroll is the obvious choice.


Trust Pinnacle X for Payroll Outsourcing

At Pinnacle X Outsourcing, our professionals can handle payroll administration on your behalf to help you save time, money and effort. If you want to find out how to outsource your payroll to streamline your operations, ensure regulatory compliance and give you more time to concentrate on your core business processes, email us at


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