Trust Pinnacle X for Staff and Payroll Outsourcing

and HR Consulting in Thailand


At Pinnacle X, we provide staff and payroll outsourcing as well as HR consulting and virtual assistant services to help ease your transition into Thailand while simplifying logistical challenges and keeping your costs to a minimum. From staff outsourcing to HR consulting and everything in between, you can depend on us for a holistic business support solution, allowing you to focus your efforts on your core operations.


For more than two decades, our professionals have been helping companies maximize the benefits of operating in Thailand, ensuring they can unlock their full potential. Whether you need consultants to guide you through Thailand’s labor laws or outsourcing specialists to make administrative tasks hassle-free, we can help you – and our capabilities don’t stop there.


Our Services

Staff Outsourcing
Our innovative outsourcing solutions are designed to help your organization boost its potential and meet its business goals faster.
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Payroll Outsourcing
We take a personal approach to payroll and customize our services to meet your business's specific needs.
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HR Consulting
Our experienced HR consultants can help solve all your human resource management issues and challenges.
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Virtual Assistant
Streamline your business processes with our virtual assistant service and gain the infrastructure you need to increase your impact.
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Our Vast Network of Trusted Partners

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we have an extensive database of partners and skilled professionals who can make sure your company makes an impact in Thailand. We are proud to be a highly experienced HR consultancy in Bangkok that can help you get the most from your workforce. Moreover, our partners include legal consulting services, branding and marketing experts, executive search specialists and outplacement services, meaning we can provide all the support you need to gain a head start in this Asian tiger business hub.


We specialize in payroll and staff outsourcing, which allow you to leave administrative tasks to dedicated, cost-effective agencies. There’s no need to onboard seasonal staff or manage departments that are irrelevant to your core operations when you partner with Pinnacle X. Because we have such a broad network of industry specialists, we can find the professionals who not only possess the skills you need but also guarantee to be a perfect fit for your company.


Read our payroll outsourcing and staff outsourcing pages to learn about the benefits of our services.


Honest and Upfront Consulting

We always take the time to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements, challenges, and goals, and you can trust us for honest and useful advice. Through consultations, extensive research and our in-depth industry knowledge, we’re able to guide you through the possibilities while detailing all the potential outcomes of the decisions you’re faced with.


We’re not just another “yes man” – we’re consultants who genuinely want the very best for your business, and that means being upfront from the beginning.


Your Success Is Our Success

The bottom line is; the future of our company depends on the future of yours. We’ve gotten to where we are today by consistently achieving positive results for each client we’ve served. We’ve worked with companies from all manner of industries, from large enterprises to start-ups, and we boast unrivaled knowledge of the legal processes, work culture and opportunities in Thailand.


If you’d like to find out how we can tailor a comprehensive business support solution that incorporates staff and payroll outsourcing, HR and legal consulting, recruitment and much more, call us on (+66) 02 666 4826 to book your first consultation.